Instructor of Record

I have served as an independent instructor of record seven times in three different courses —Principles of Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, and Monetary Policy— during my time at the University of Tampa, University of Oregon, and Adrian College. See below for more information on each course, including syllabi and student feedback.

ECO 205: Principles of Macroeconomics

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding about what the macroeconomy is, how it works, and how different events can shape its performance. During the term, I provide an overview to a number of macroeconomic issues, such as: the determination of output, employment, interest rates, inflation, and economic growth. In addition to these topics, this course also discusses monetary and fiscal policies and the roles they play in the macroeconomy.

IOR: Spring 2016, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2020, Fall 2021, Spring 2022



  • “Thomas was very informative with lecture. He always made sure we understood what he was talking about and took all the time we needed to help us understand a concept. He is a great teacher.” - Student

  • “Outstanding teacher. Seriously, the most engaging and passionate teacher I have had at the UO. Really cares about his students and is very understanding.” - Student

  • “Thomas is a natural and gifted instructor. He is energetic, has a great voice that is clear and he is well-paced but animated. He has a tremendous vision of the class and can read whether they are getting it, and if not, he elaborates. He naturally solicits questions and does get responses, and students are very engaged.” - First-time Instructor Review

Money and Banking

The social sciences concern themselves with the interface of the individual and society. In economics, the focus is on the means a society employs to allocate scarce resource among competing uses. Financial markets, financial instruments, and financial institutions are central elements of the allocation process in all market economies, and fulfill purposes that must be served in any economic system. Money and Banking provides students with a basis for understanding the purposes served by financial systems. It introduces students to the variety of financial instruments characteristic of modern economies, the determinants of asset prices and market interest rates, and the causes and consequences of crises and regulation in financial markets. This class also examines the concept of money, the structure and role of central banks, and the conduct of monetary policy.

IOR: Winter 2020, Fall 2020



  • “The instructor was always clear and concise with teaching the materials and made it easy for us to understand. whenever we had a question or problem they would always respond in a nice way that was helpful and encouraging.” - Student

  • “The Instructor was always willing to help clarify topics throughout the class periods. He would frequently stop to help students and clear up any difficult material.” - Student

  • “I really liked this course because the instructor made it interesting to learn about money and banking. I like discussing about financial institutions and I am a finance major looking into more of wealth management and banking. This course was one of the best courses in my college career and this instructor was very good at teaching the materials we needed to know.” - Student

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is one of the primary tools a country has at its disposal to impact macroeconomic variables (e.g. unemployment, inflation, interest rates) that affect all of us in one way or another. Having an understanding of how it works and what effects it has on the economy is crucial for anyone with an interest in macroeconomics. This course provides students with a thorough overview of the conduct and theory of monetary policy in the United States.

IOR: Summer 2019



  • “Thomas begins class promptly and in a well-organized way. He provides the significance/importance of information to be learned, treats students with respect and is caring, provides clear explanations, and practices effective classroom management. He teaches at an appropriately fast pace, stopping to check student understanding and engagement.” - Student

  • “Thomas was good at teaching the course material in a way that was straight forward and clear. He was always available to answer questions and made the effort to make sure the students understood the course concepts. He was very organized and made it clear what he expected of the class. He made good use of class time and stayed on schedule.” - Student